07 декабря, 2013

I don't like to build big houses, but i have to practice.
This house has size 64*64 and costs ~ 353.000 (without cars in a garage)
Я не люблю строить большие дома, но мне нужна практика.
Размер дома 64*64 и стоимость ~ 353.000 (без авто в гараже)

House plan
Top view
Floor 2
Floor 1
Floor 0

Hall of first floor

Drawing room


Alchemical laboratory

Dining room and kitchen

Pool in the house, dancing and bar


Place of reflections xD


Hall of second floor

Bedroom n1

Balcony n1

Bathroom n1
I'm Captain Slow. I didn't photograph this room :( Sorry...
Я затупила и забыла сфотографировать эту комнату. Извините...

Nursery n1
For toddlers and babies

Nursery n2
For kids and teens

Bedroom n2

Bathroom n2

Laundry room

Balcony n2

Sports hall

Bathroom n3

Zero floor
Room for wine


Pool outside

Garden (Vineyard) and ladder on a zero floor

Other views


(ATTENTION: I used not all materials that are presented in the folder!)

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